windows 10 disable prevent upgrade script 4

Windows 10 Disable Upgrade Script

How to Windows 10 Disable or Prevent Update using a Script. Have you seen any of the following nag screens?

Windows 10 Disable Upgrade Script

Script to Windows 10 Disable Upgrade. Provided by Computer Repair Sacramento – Jonathan Warner

Here’s a script I’ve been using to prevent computers from upgrading to Windows 10. If the nag screens are present, it should uninstall the KB causing and finally reports the results of the script execution in the console.

Tested with MaxFocus RMM

Windows 10 Disable Prevent Upgrade Script – direct download


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4 thoughts on “windows 10 disable prevent upgrade script

  • Jonathan Post author

    Have you tried this script to disable the windows 10 upgrade? I received some feedback. Unfortunately, syntax errors could occur and crash the script in the old version. I’ve reworked a couple of things and tested successfully. So, if you were having issues, just download the new version I uploaded a couple of minutes ago. Any thoughts on how preventing the Windows 10 upgrade has been going? – Jonathan

  • Jonathan Post author

    Hi Malvin, although it’s possible to script the steps to disable Windows 10 update, I’m sorry to say in my testing I was unable to find a way to reliably perform that with a script. When I touch a machine, I’ll move it to always show manually. Other than that, training seems the best policy.

  • Jonathan Post author

    Hi Melvin, nice to hear the feedback, thanks for your feedback on the script to disable Windows 10 update! Force system tray notifications? I’ve been wanting to do the same and had somewhat given up until your message. I’ll look into it and see if there’s any way to accomplish. Jonathan

  • Melvin K. Hart

    Hi Jonathan, Thank you for this script.
    Do you have any idea on how to force the RMM System Tray application to “Show Icon and Notifications”? Do you have a script for that? 🙂