Remote PC Support

Need your computer fixed immediately? Get remote PC support!

Get help ASAP with Remote PC Support from Computer Repair Sacramento CA!

Don’t wait for a technician to arrive or unplug your computer to take it in for service!

Using Remote PC Support technology, you can begin a secure remote support session with me over the Internet. Once a computer repair session is established and I’m connected, remote PC support software allows me to view your screen and control the mouse and keyboard from my office enabling me to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as if I were sitting in front of your computer.

Why Remote PC Support?

  • Quick: Get fast computer repair help.
  • Convenient: Don’t wait for a technician to arrive.
  • More Affordable: Travel time and cost is eliminated; I pass the saving to you!
  • Less Cars: It’s the environmentally friendly computer repair solution!

You will receive the same outstanding sacramento computer support; the peace of mind knowing that a professional remote computer support company is fixing your computer.

To get started, Contact Jonathan.

Remote PC Support Services:

Many problems can be be resolved remotely, including:

  • Computer Virus Repairs and Removal
  • PC Tuneup (Make my computer faster!)
  • Computer Maintenance (Clean up your computer!)
  • Computer Software Installation and Configuration
  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • Multi-Computer Networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • Personalized Computer Training

Having computer issues and need help now?!? Contact Jonathan by phone, text, or email to make a remote PC support session appointment and get back up and running quickly!!

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