FAQ – Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Computer Repair Sacramento CA Questions:

  • What kind of Computer Repair services do you provide?

    Remote and onsite residential computer support and remote and onsite small business computer support, including computer repair service contracts and computer repair service agreement plans.

    Computer networking services include using wired and wireless computer networking for networking home computers and business computers, etc.

    Custom web design includes website design and maintenance, full service web hosting, redesign, etc.

    I also support portable devices such as tablets, iPad and Android, also smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, etc.

    Basically, if it’s got an on/off switch and isn’t an appliance, give me a call!

  • What is your Computer Repair service area?

    Onsite computer repair: Typical onsite coverage area is the greater Sacramento area; however, I’m willing to travel further upon request if travel expenses are reimbursed.

    Remote PC Support: Remote PC Support is available wherever you are located with a high-speed Internet connection.

    Contact for more details: Computer Repair Sacramento CA

  • How quickly can I get Computer Repair service?

    Jonathan personally responds to ALL inquires and requests for service within one business day at the most (usually within 2-4 hrs) and is typically able to provide fast on site computer repair (usually same day computer repair onsite or remote pc support).

  • How much will the Computer Repair cost?

    Please view rate information here: Computer Repair Sacramento CA Rates

  • How qualified are your Computer Repair technicians?

    Computer Repair Sacramento CA is owned and operated by Jonathan Warner.
    Jonathan has over 10 years experience in the computer repair industry and is an experienced and certified Computer Support Specialist and Computer Repair Technician. He has been recruited repeatedly, but has rejected these employment opportunities because he enjoys working with, helping, and getting to know others on a personal basis.

  • How long will my Computer Repair service take?

    Most computer repair problems can be resolved within two to three hours. However, a computer support session may take longer or shorter depending on the issue. You will be given an estimate before I start computer repair work.

  • Do you have a Computer Repair service guarantee?

    Absolutely! My guarantee is this: I’m honored that you are considering me to be your computer repair technician. I want you to be satisfied with my service. I am not the least expensive, but I have a history of satisfied customers and work hard to keep it that way! In fact, as a testament to my caring, personalized service, my very first clients continue to use me to this day. My goal is to complete the task to your satisfaction.

    However, please be aware that some problems can repeat themselves but not as a result of bad service on my part. For example, a computer can be reinfected by a virus because the owner repeats the same steps or action that originally infected the system.

Computer Repair Questions? Contact Jonathan here: Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Remote PC Support Questions:

Note: Remote PC support requires a operational computer and Internet connection. If your computer is non-operational or you are having Internet issues, remote PC support is not possible, but I can still help! Contact me to schedule onsite computer repair: Computer Repair Sacramento CA

  • What is Remote PC Support?

    Remote PC Support is when a technician works on your computer over the internet.

    You still receive the same high quality level of service with remote PC support as if we were sitting in front of the computer, but the benefits include:

    • Speed: Receive help quickly without waiting for a tech to arrive.
    • Price: Since we don’t have to drive to you, our costs are lower, and we pass that savings on to you!
  • How does Remote PC Support work?

    New remote PC support clients open an account, requiring pre-payment for one (1) hour of remote support.

    You will then begin a remote PC support session. when the session begin, I’ll be able to view your screen and control the mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot and resolve the issue just like I was there onsite.

  • Is Remote PC Support safe and secure?

    Yes. The remote PC support software used during a support session is very secure. All data transmitted is encrypted and the connection secured.

    Also, you are in control at all times. The remote PC support session can be stopped or paused by you at any time.

  • After having a Remote PC Support session, can you access my computer without my permission?

    No. Once the remote PC support session is ended the connection is closed. Closed remote PC support sessions cannot be rejoined. A new remote PC support session can only be started by you.

  • What if the issue can’t be fixed using Remote PC Support?

    If the problem is unable to be fixed using remote PC support, onsite computer repair can be scheduled.

Remote PC Support Questions? Contact me here: Computer Repair Sacramento CA and I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP!