About – Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Hello, my name is Jonathan

I was born and raised and lived most my life in the Sacramento area. As a child, I was a lego fanatic, and I’ve always been quite intrigued with how things work and are constructed. Being curious and analytical, I guess computer troubleshooting and repair comes naturally to me.

After graduating with a degree in Computer Technology, gaining experience as an employee providing enterprise level business computer support, and demonstrating competence by becoming a certified Computer Repair Technician, I took the plunge and became a licensed and registered business (CA BEAR # 87313) in my quest to become the most personable and best computer repair company providing Sacramento computer repair.

Computer Repair Sacramento CA – Focus:

Our computer repair services focus is mobile computer repair and support; specifically small business computer support, residential computer support, as well as remote PC support.

I’ve since partnered with leading software and hardware manufacturers and this helps me provide outstanding service and produce satisfied clients. If you have any service questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, I will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

All together, I’ve been in the industry well over 15 years now. I enjoy working with technology, but most of all helping others and that’s why this field is so satisfying to me. There’s no plan to hire and manage employees, so when you schedule service, you get me. If you need help with technology, computer repair, or some good computer advice, contact me today, I can help!


Jonathan Warner – Computer Repair Sacramento CA