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Computer Repair Sacramento – Knowledge Base: How I resolved issues with Quicken opens then closes and Quicken crashes on startup.

A client I have worked with several times now has been using Quicken for quite a while to manage their personal finances. By quite a while, I mean they were still using Quicken version 2006. It had been working flawlessly up to this point, so why even consider an upgrade? When the issues began, the symptom is Quicken 2006 opens and closes or Quicken 2006 will not stay open and just crashes.

Searching the event logs didn’t yield any useful information. In fact, couldn’t find a single entry related to Quicken.

Quicken Opens Then Closes – Why?

While gathering more information, I learned that the Comcast Xfinity Constant Guard software was recently installed. The software includes anti keylogger security functionality. Research and troubleshooting indicated that this could interfere with finance software, such as Quicken 2006.

Comcast Xfinity Constant Guard comes along with Comcast internet service. Yes, it does have some useful features, but bundled software should be optional, not automatically installed by technicians when signing up or updating Internet service. After all, an Internet service connection usually does not require any special software on the computer, so why install a software package unnecessarily?

In this case, Constant Guard was not being used whatsoever, so it was easy to remove it. Once it was removed, was it the same, Quicken 2006 opens then closes? No. it began working properly.

Did this help with Quicken opens then closes or Quicken crashes on startup? If not and you would like personalized computer assistance or training, Contact Jonathan for further assistance with Sacramento or Roseville Computer Repair.

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2 thoughts on “Quicken opens then closes – Quicken crashes on startup

  • Jonathan Post author

    Hi Kev, I too was dismayed to discover Constant Guard as the culprit for both Quicken opens then closes and Quicken crashes on startup. Especially because it’s distributed as beneficial and necessary security software. Thanks for commenting, feedback is always appreciated!

  • Kev

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! For months now I have had issues with Quicken closing on its own, along with browser sluggishness, Outlook being crashy, etc etc. Turns out it was, as you say, CG. I uninstalled it and everything is much faster and no crashes. What a piece of junk bloatware CG is. Thanks for helping me, in one easy step, get my PC back to good performance. I suppose I should not be surprised that something that the cable company endorses is in fact a piece of invasive crap that makes life worse. Thanks again for your blog and your help!