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Computer Repair Sacramento – Knowledge Base: How to complete MyWebSearch Removal Firefox and fix and remove MyWebSearch Firefox default search.

MyWebSearch Removal Firefox – Uninstall

The following assumes you did the MyWebSearch uninstall from Windows list of installed programs. If you have not yet done so, here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Windows control panel
  2. Depending on your version of Windows, select:
    • Add/Remove programs – or –
    • Uninstall a Program
  3. Once the list of installed software loads, search for and uninstall any MyWebSearch entries.
  4. Once the built-in MyWebSearch uninstall routine completes, reboot your computer.

Although uninstalled, it still may show up in Firefox, either as your homepage (the page that loads when Firefox starts) or you may see MyWebSearch hijack Firefox searches. For further removal, follow these steps:

Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Plugin

Extensions and plugins add functionality to Firefox. MyWebSearch oftentimes uses a plugin to add unwanted search functionality and hijack search results. For complete MyWebSearch removal in Firefox, we need to remove any installed plugin or extension:

Navigate to the Extensions and Plugins list. Depending on the version of Firefox, either:

  • Click Firefox Button – Add-ons – Extensions and Plugins tabs – or –
  • Click Tools – Add-ons – Extensions and Plugins tabs
  • Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Plugin - Firefox Options
  • Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Plugin - Firefox Extensions

If a MyWebSearch entry is present, click remove. Close and reopen Firefox.

MyWebSearch homepage Firefox

After uninstallation, and removing any Firefox Plugins, it’s possible that it still is hijacking your homepage. Here are the steps for MyWebSearch homepage removal:

  1. Navigate to the web page you want as your homepage
    • Note: If you want multiple home pages, open in tabs the multiple pages you want to open when Firefox launches.
  2. Click Tools – Options – General Tab
    • Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Homepage - Options
  3. Click Use Current Pages button
    • Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Homepage - Firefox Set Homepage
  4. Click OK to exit the Options
  5. Close and reopen Firefox to test

Your homepage or multiple homepages in Firefox should open as desired. If not, try repeating the steps.

Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search

One common complaint is that although I have been through the uninstallation, removal, etc, all my searches get redirected to MyWebSearch! How do I get my Google search back?

This is a two-step process, first, to restore Google as the default search engine in the search bar, and second, to restore Google as the default search engine in the Firefox address bar.

Restore Google Default Search Engine Firefox

  1. Click the down arrow in the search bar
  2. Click Manage Search Engines
    • Remove MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search
  3. Manage Search Engines lists the installed search engines
  4. Select the search engine entry you want to remove, click the Remove button
  5. Select the search engine you want as default, click the Move Up button until it is at the top of the list
    • Restore Google Default Search Engine Firefox
  6. Click OK when you are finished

Restore Google Default Search Engine Firefox Address Bar

To fix the Firefox address bar search, we need to delve into the Firefox advanced settings page. It’s not difficult, but it is possible that wrong changes made here can seriously damage your Firefox installation, so the following disclaimer applies:

Disclaimer: If the following is out of your comfort zone or beyond your abilities, I cannot be held responsible. Please get qualified help. I provide Remote PC Support. For more details or to setup a remote support session Contact Jonathan.

We are going to change the KEYWORD.URL setting:

  • In the Firefox address bar, type about:config
  • If you agree to the Firefox disclaimer, accept it
  • At the top of the config page, notice a search box
  • Type: keyword.url
  • Note what is listed under Value.
    • Restore Google Default Search Engine Firefox Address Bar

Default Value:

If it is empty or contains an value containing MyWebSearch, change it to the default, close and reopen Firefox, and test an address bar search.

MyWebSearch Removal Firefox – Summary

So, here are the steps we completed: uninstall MyWebSearch, remove MyWebSearch firefox plugin, fix MyWebSearch homepage firefox, and remove MyWebSearch Firefox default search. If this seemed like a long step by step process, it’s because MyWebSearch tends to embed itself as deeply as possible in your web browser.

Still having issues with MyWebSearch Removal Firefox or with MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search? Contact Jonathan for Computer Repair Sacramento or Remote PC Support today!

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10 thoughts on “MyWebSearch Removal Firefox – MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search

  • Dan

    I agree with Laura. Far too many people fall prey too “free offers” online, only to windup with bloated apps, toolbars, spyware and malware. Personally, I use Chrome, which so far has helped me avoid infection (fingers crossed!)

    Jonathan, just curious — which browser do you prefer and why? Any browser apps you’d recommend to improve productivity?

  • Jonathan Post author

    Hi Hani; Yes, the keyword.url setting is the key to fixing the MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search hijack issue. Thanks for writing and sharing the info!

  • Hani F. Saigh

    Thank you for the excellent article. This issue had been plaguing several of my clients PC’s, and I was going the Malware scanning route and coming up short. Didn’t think to check the keyword.url setting until you blogged about it here. Nailed it!! Many kudos, wish you the very best! I’m using your social media buttons to help spread the word….

  • Jonathan Post author

    Hi Vlastimil. Yes, fixing MyWebSearch Firefox Default Search can be tricky. Nice work and thanks for commenting!

  • Vlastimil

    Thank you, Jonathan. My dad installed MyWebSearch with some application. I am quite advanced PC user, so I didn’t need any advice for most of it. However, the part with changing the address bar’s search engine was somewhat tricky.

  • Laura

    Thanks very much for this step-by-step guide. I just removed MyWebSearch from my parents’ computer! It’s unfortunate that there is this huge part of the Internet that is like a seedy underbelly intended to catch and trap innocent people for being stupid and installing crap they think will be helpful (i.e., Smileys, etc.) I wish the same amount of investment was put into educating people about their computers (like this site) rather than manipulating the stupid. Thank you!