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Computer Repair Sacramento CA – Jonathan Warner Knowledge Base: How to Export Netzero Contacts from webmail and format data to import into another webmail provider or email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

I apologize for the many steps required to export Netzero webmail contacts. If an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird is set up and contacts are already syncing, export contacts directly from the client. This post assumes that a client is not set up and documents a method to export export Netzero webmail contacts.

Prerequisites: You must be able to access the Netzero webmail account via a web browser. You will also need word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, and spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel.

Export Netzero Contacts

Log on to Netzero webmail, under Netzero Message Center, click Netzero Address Book tab:

Select Netzero Address Book - Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Click Print Contacts:

Select Print Netzero Contacts - Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Select Print all Information, click Print:

Select Print all Netzero Contacts - Computer Repair Sacramento CA

When the screen appears listing the contents of your Address Book, do not select print. Instead, press Ctrl + A to select all, and press Ctrl + C to copy.
Next, open up Notepad and paste (Ctrl + P) your Address Book into Notepad. This removes the webpage formatting.

Yes! Export Netzero contacts webmail is complete. Next, how to format the data in the proper way.

Export Netzero Contacts – Format for CSV Import

Many people move from webmail to a full email client, so they need to export Netzero address book to Outlook. Other users many be changing Internet providers away from Netzero, but still plan to use a webmail provider, such as Gmail, so they would need to export Netzero address book to Gmail. In this case, we want to export Netzero address book to Yahoo. For Yahoo, the import order is ideally:

  • firstname,lastname,email,phone,address

Notice the commas between each part of the contact and that there are no spaces. This is what makes up a CSV (comma-separated values) file, and that’s what we need in order to import our contacts. Now, depending on the number of contacts you have, manually editing the exported results to make a proper csv file could take several minutes or hours depending on your number on contact. So, we’ll automate as much of this as possible using Microsoft Word.

Copy the result of the Export Netzero Contacts step from Notepad to Word. We will use Word’s Find and Replace feature to remove undesirable text and formatting.

Launch the Find and Replace box, click the Replace tab. Under Replace, there are two text boxes, what to search for and what to replace that with, fill those with the following, then click Replace All:

  • Find: “First Name: ” – Replace: “” (empty – we want to remove this text):

MS Word Replace first name- Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Repeat with the following:

  • Find: “Last Name: ” – Replace: “” (empty – we want to remove this text):
  • Find: “;” – Replace: “,“:
  • Find: “Primary Email: ” – Replace: “” (empty – we want to remove this text)
  • Find: “” (empty – we want to replace spaces with commas) – Replace: “,

Now you should be left with names and email addresses. If your Netzero webmail address book contained phone numbers and addresses too, use the method described above to remove the headers for that data, such as “Primary phone: ” or “Home address: “.

For good measure, get rid of the dashes between the numbers in your contact’s phone numbers too:

  • Find: “-” – Replace: “” (empty – we want to remove this text):

Let’s also get rid of any tabs in the document:

  • Find: “ ” – Replace: “” (empty – we want to remove this text):

MS Word Replace tab- Computer Repair Sacramento CA

When we turned the spaces into commas earlier, we now need to change a series of commas to just one:

  • Find: “,,,,,” – Replace: “,
  • Find: “,,,,” – Replace: “,
  • Find: “,,,” – Replace: “,
  • Find: “,,” – Replace: “,

Now, we are left with the small amount of manual editing remaining:

  • Manually delete alphabetical headings, such as A, B, C, etc.
  • Manually delete carriage returns to get each contact’s info on only one line with commas between them, for example:
  • John,Doe,jdoe.email.address,5551212,123 Acorn St Anytown State Zip

Preview the Word document carefully. The format above must be correct for every contact exported from your Netzero Address Book. Between each detail of the contact’s info, there must be a comma, and commas must not be anywhere else in the document

Finally, use Word’s Find and Replace feature to replace the commas with tabs:

  • Find: “,” – Replace: “ “:

MS Word Replace comma - Computer Repair Sacramento CA

Now, copy contents of the Word document into Excel. Your contacts should now be sorted into columns by first name, last name, email, etc. Confirm it’s correct, fix any errors you see, and save the document with the .csv extension.

Great! Export Netzero webmail contacts, check! Formatted in a way other webmail providers or email clients can recognize for import, check! The process to export Netzero contacts isn’t difficult, just needlessly tedious!

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  • Jonathan Post author

    Thanks, Matt, for your update. I’ll give that method a try on my next Netzero contact export task. – Jonathan

  • Matt Coyle

    Just an update on this issue. The easiest way to export from netzero is to create a gmail account, then under settings, accounts and import, import mail & contacts. Click just imports contacts. You can then import your mail contacts from netzero automatically using gmail. Then once imported Gmail has a very easy export feature. Just go to your gmail contacts, select all, click more, click export and you can choose from a variety of file types to export!

    Thats it! Easy as pie.