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Let’s talk about password security.

What is a secure password?

In short, a secure password is difficult to guess or crack. Characteristics of a secure password are:

  • A secure password must be at least 8 characters, but 12 or more is preferable
  • It should include letters, numbers, and characters (such as # or *)
  • Is should not be based on a word you could find in the dictionary

This variety is not for the spice of life. It is much more difficult to guess or break.

Password Security Lock - Computer Repair Sacramento CA

For example, a combination lock. What if the code were only one number? It would be easy to find the combination by trying each number in sequence. What if the combination is 12 numbers long? Much harder to guess. A different story altogether.

Password Security Concerns

The top two password security concerns:

  1. Weak passwords
  2. Using the same password for every account

We are so busy. Places to go. Appointments to make. People to see. Adding anything else is like the proverbial straw. For many people, that one more thing is password security. But that’s because it’s not possible to remember a unique secure password for each account. It is impossible for many of us. So what happens?

Most people try to be good. They might begin using different passwords for each account. But then they write them down. These notes may get put in their wallet. They may use an Excel spreadsheet. Maybe a sticky note under their keyboards. It might even stick to their shoe and walk out the door.

Other people use secure passwords. Or shall we say A secure password? In other words, they use the same password for everything. How to remember it without writing it down? Often, the password is kept simple. Examples are a birthday, a word, etc.

Why Worry about Password Security?

We mentioned two traps that lead to insecure passwords.

Now, think of the possible damage. What if only one of your online accounts were compromised? Your email account? It could be used to send unauthorized spam email. In turn, your address could be blacklisted or blocked. This would prevent you from sending or receiving email. How long? Maybe days or weeks. Would you or your business survive?

Of course, you may have bank, investment, and retirement accounts too. What could happen if you used the same password for all accounts? If one account, such as a forum, was compromised, it could result in access to to all your accounts.

Password Security Steps You Should Take

  • 1) Review your current passwords
  • 2) If any do not meet the secure password criteria listed above, change them

Questions? Comments? Concerns over Password Security? Please feel free to contact me to help with computer security or Computer Repair Sacramento CA.

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