At Computer Repair of Sacramento, we’ve been seeing a new pop-up message to Pin Websites to the Taskbar when closing the Microsoft Edge web browser, stating specifically: Next time, go straight to these popular sites by pinning them to the taskbar Have you seen this? If so, here’s […]

Disable Edge Popup: Go straight to these popular sites by ...

Yahoo Mail Your Message Cannot Be Sent Because It Resembles Spam - Computer Repair Sacramento Ca
How to fix the Yahoo Mail Your Message Cannot Be Sent Because It Resembles Spam Email Error. Computer Repair Sacramento CA blog. Why some Yahoo Account are Told Your Message Resembles Spam While recently providing local computer support, I encountered the following error with Yahoo Mail’s email service. The user […]

Your Message Cannot Be Sent Because It Resembles Spam Yahoo ...

Computer Repair Knowledge Base: Recently encountered a Poweliks Virus Removal issue; symptoms included many dllhost.exe Com Surrogate processes in task manager, and, when booting, a Powershell has Stopped Working error message. In addition, the Windows 7 computer running extremely slow and low on memory, and the user experienced frequent Internet Explorer freezes where there would just be an internet explorer white screen for minutes then everything would load normally. Finally, found the windows temp directory full of thousands of temp files. Interestingly enough, some folders in the Windows temp directory had a Windows temp directory structure like appdata local folder or appdata roaming folder. Unsure if this last is part of the poweliks virus or just normal behavior for the installed software, but it was unusual and I haden't noticed it before. When I attempted to clean temp files Windows 7, ccleaner stuck on temporary internet files. For my Computer Repair Knowledgebase, here are the steps

Poweliks Virus Removal – dllhost.exe Com Surrogate Powershell has Stopped ...

Computer Repair Knowledge Base: What is causing the s32evnt1.dll Windows XP error which says s32evnt1.dll an installable virtual device driver failed dll initialization. While working on a slow Windows XP laptop recently, the client asked how to improve computer performance windows xp? I recommended to remove Norton Internet Security and the constant guard xfinity norton software. By switching to a lighter antivirus software, the laptop became much more responsive. However, this client runs some MS Dos software for Windows XP and began getting the following error: Symantec s32evnt1.dll Failed dll Initialization - computer repair

symantec s32evnt1.dll failed dll initialization s32evnt1.dll windows xp