Cryptowall Ransomware Virus Removal Sacramento CA

I’ve come across the nasty Cryptowall ransomware virus while providing Virus Removal Sacramento CA.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a newer varient of virus or malware which holds data and files hostage until you pay the ransom. What types of files? It targets documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, videos, etc, by scanning your computer and deleting, encrypting, or otherwise blocking access to these files.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, there are news articles, for example:, detailing both the dangers and the methods of prevention.

Ransomware Prevention Information

Wish as we may, there is no antivirus software, antimalware software, or computer security software which is 100% effective against all viruses and malware, why?

Most antimalware software relies on an antivirus database or list.

  • What happens if the antivirus database is outdated?
  • or if the virus is so new that the virus not in database?

It typically will not be detected. Because new viruses detected daily number in the hundreds of thousands, simply installing a free antivirus software is no longer adequate protection, especially if your computer contains business documents, school documents, your resume, so forth, which are important to you. So, what to do?

Two Step Malware Protection Plan

This plan takes a two fold approach. A great wall is step one; whereas, step two is the fallback plan, plan B if you will:

  1. Step One: Outstanding Antivirus / Antimalware Software
  2. Step Two: Regular, Automated, Scheduled Daily Data Backups.

So a little more about step one: when it comes to securing your computer against any type of malware, and ransomware malware in particular, excellent security software is essential. I recommend Managed Antivirus / Antimalware.

And continuing to talk about step two, if the wall is breached and data deleted or encrypted, the virus can be removed, data restored, and be up and running again in a reasonable amount of time. Without data backups, all data could be lost…recreating that data is not considered reasonable.

Ransomware Removal

But what if you have already been infected? Have you lost access to your computer or files? Getting nasty pop-ups? Prompted to pay to get files back from cryptowall?

If so, you may be infected with ransomware. Many strains of Ransomware require manual virus removal because automated software cannot always perform ransomware removal properly. This means that some ransomware removal just cannot be done with standard antivirus software or usual removal tools. Some variants which are notable and the virus removal services I provide include: CryptoLocker removal, CryptoWall removal (and Cryptowall 2.0 removal too), TorrentLocker ransomware removal, and all other malware and ransomware removal as well.

Need help establishing or enhancing a ransomeware virus protection plan? I use specialized tools and methods that I’ve developed specifically for virus prevention, detection, or virus removal. Contact Jonathan for Ransomware Virus Removal Sacramento CA today!

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