Data Backup

Backup Your Important Data!

  • Business class Data Backup
  • Automatic, Continuous, Scheduled Backups: Never wonder when your last backup was!
  • Offsite Data Backup: Protection from viruses, fire, theft, flooding, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Proactively Monitored: we get regular status notifications & perform backup integrity testing

Question: I backup to a USB drive regularly; is that good?

Backing up to a local USB is good, but limited: when we get busy, backups happen less frequently. Perhaps weeks, even months pass. Could you, or your business, survive without your data? What would happen if your hard drive crashed and you were faced with recreating progress from the day of your last backup until now? In addition, having the original and the backup at the same physical location can be disastrous: a flood, fire, or theft could result in the loss of both original and backup copies! Now, despite your efforts to backup regularly, data could be lost.

Worry Free Data Backup is automatic, continuous, off-site data backup that we manage and monitor to ensure your data is safe and secure against viruses, disasters, even accidental deletion!