Data Backup

How Important is your Data to you?

Questions: What would happen to your business if everything on your computer was lost? Would it survive? What would it cost to re-create the documents?

Benefits of our Data Backup Service:

  • Automatic Data Backup: You don’t have to remember – it will be backed up automatically!
  • Offsite Data Backup: Keeps your data safe from local events, such as fire, theft, flooding, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Monitored Data Backup: We confirm backups happen regularly – so you don’t have to!
  • Easy Recovery: Data recovery starts with the press of a button!
  • Archiving & Versioning: You might not realize a file needs to be recovered for weeks or months. With archive versioning, we can recover files from regular points in time, not just the last edit.

Question: I backup to USB; is that good?

Answer: It’s better than nothing, but not great. Here’s why:

  • First, when we get busy, backups happen less frequently. Perhaps weeks, even months pass. Could you, or your business, survive without your data? What would happen if your hard drive crashed and you were faced with recreating progress from the day of your last backup until now?

Here’s another concern:

  • Second, having both the original and the backup at the same physical location can result in a complete loss of data. For example, a flood, fire, or theft could destroy both original and backup copies! Now, despite your efforts to backup regularly, data is gone. For this to be effective, the backup needs to be with a friend, relative, or safety deposit box. Now how often will the backup to that USB happen?

So while backing up to USB is better than nothing, it’s not an effective way for businesses to ensure data integrity, which is why we provide data backup, which featuring automatic and off-site data backup that we manage and monitor to help keep your data safe from loss due to theft, disasters, and accidental deletion!

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