Warranty Laptop Repair Sacramento CA

When your computer is brought in to us for laptop repair Sacramento CA, I always check the laptop warranty status. Do you know why?

When new, portable computers, including tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and laptops include a 1 year to 3 year warranty. For many laptop manfacturer’s, you can lookup your warranty on their website. For example, with Dell computers, here’s the link to the Dell warranty check by service tag number.

Not every laptop repair technician is qualified to service portable computers. I have received specialized manufacturer training which enables me to perform service and laptop repair, and, if necessary, order replacement parts under warranty.

This means that if you need laptop repair, and your laptop is under warranty, I may be able to work with the warranty department, saving you money on replacement parts. When laptop repairs are completed, you have the peace of mind in knowing your laptop repair is done right and the warranty is still intact, if at all possible

Thanks for choosing us to assist with your technology needs! Contact Jonathan anytime for help with your Laptop Repair Sacramento CA!