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What kind of computer should I buy?

Whether residential, in-home business, or small businesses computer users, I usually recommend Dell Small Business computers across the board, why?

The computer industry standard hardware warranty term is one year; however, if you purchase through Dell Small Business, it is possible to extend the hardware warranty to 3 years for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend you consider this. Just think, for the cost of an on site computer repair visit, you can have a Dell 3-year NBD (next business day) factory warranty.

Let’s elaborate on next business day service. The industry standard is mail-in warranty service. You call the manufacturer, they mail a box, you receive the box, pack up your computer, and mail it in for service. Hopefully, within two weeks, you get your computer back. If it’s unrepairable, you get a refurbished replacement (you did backup your data, right?). If you run a business, what about the downtime? Can you imagine two weeks without your computer? Disaster! That’s assuming all goes smoothly.

However, with next business day service, if a hardware component fails, Dell will dispatch a technician by the next business day with replacement parts. NBD service provides peace of mind that your Dell purchase will continue to be a worthwhile investment in good working order for the next three years or more!

I don’t have any affiliation with Dell, but, in my experience, I have found that they tend to be good systems and the extended warranty and truly business class systems at this price is a hard deal to beat!

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