Computer Maintenance Tips – Computer Repair Roseville CA

Computer Maintenance Tips from Jonathan – Computer Repair Roseville CA:

Remember when you first unpacked and powered on your new computer. It was so sleek and fast! Over the years, though, programs have been installed, updates performed, and it may not be that speedy racer you remember.

Computer Maintenance Tips – Make my computer faster!

Would you like your computer running at it’s best? My computer repair service includes a PC Tuneup to speed and clean up your computer. A Computer Tuneup will restore some of that zip without having to purchase a new system!

Once the PC Tuneup is complete; however, I’ll supply you with tips and a basic computer maintenance checklist that will keep your computer running well long after I leave. Don’t worry, your part is quite simple. The checklist consists of two automated routines which clean the clutter and keep your system running smooth and spyware free!

Would you like to schedule a PC Tuneup service call? Contact Jonathan for Computer Repair Roseville CA today!

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