Unknown Device root legacy_saskutil 0000 sasdifsv

Jonathan Warner – Computer Repair Sacramento CA – Knowledge Base: Hardware ID Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 and Root Legacy_Sasdifsv 0000. What causes the device manager to report new hardware detected and startup errors?

Unknown Device in Device Manager Windows XP

While completing a TDSS Rootkit removal and data recovery virus removal, I came across this error. Of course, no new hardware had been added. Also, there were no unknown devices in device manager just previous. This error took me by surprise, so I took stock of what just changed on this system. Nothing that I would expect to cause this error. SUPERAntiSpyware had just been uninstalled…

What is Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000

Saskutil is a driver by SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS)
It is installed here: C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASKUTIL.SYS
It is installed as a Windows service.

Device Manager Unknown Device Root Legacy_saskutil 0000

The registry will contain references to: ROOT*LEGACY_SASKUTIL*0000.
Example: HKCU\Software\Safely Remove\Drives\ROOT*LEGACY_SASKUTIL*0000

If you receive a SASKUTIL.SYS prompt from your anti virus or firewall software, it is typically safe to approve.

Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 – SASKUTIL Removal

For some reason, removing SAS from add remove programs does not fully remove the software. The remnants in fact cause the Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 new hardware detected message. Perhaps this is due to the advanced spyware and virus removal techniques employed. However, SAS provides an Uninstallation Assistant for just such errors.

What is Root Legacy_sasdifsv 0000

SASDIFSV is a driver by SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS)
It is installed here: C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASDIFSV.SYS
It is installed as a Windows service.

The registry will have ROOT*LEGACY_SASDFISV*0000 entries.
Example: HKCU\Software\Safely Remove\Drives\ROOT*LEGACY_SASDFISV*0000

A SASDIFSV.SYS anti virus or firewall prompt is usually safe to approve.

Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 – Saskutil Removal

Uninstalling SAS from the Control Panel does not always fully remove the software. The left over bits cause the Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 errors. SAS provides the Uninstallation Assistant to resolve these issus.


If you get the errors related to hardware ID Root Legacy_Saskutil 0000 or Root Legacy_Sasdifsv 0000, check if SUPERAntiSpyware is installed or recently removed. If it is still installed, yet you are seeing one or both of these errors, reinstall SAS. If you recently removed it, use the uninstallation assistant to fully remove it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this since this didn’t have a hardware ID, it’s nice to know this was strictly h/w and how to remove this clean!

    Appreciate your work online!!

    Kent C.

  2. I fixed this problem by booting up on my Windows 7 32 bit Repair Disc and repairing the start up or boot up sequence

  3. Each time I tunred my computer on it would try and fail to install new hardware id ROOT\LEGACY_SASKUTIL000. This fix it. Thanks!

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