How to Use CCleaner to Clean Your Computer

Computer Repair Sacramento – Knowledge Base: How to Use CCleaner to Clean Your Computer. We have released a new video – it’s the first in a series of free How-To Computer Maintenance Videos.

Do you have a slow computer? If it wasn’t slow when it was new, you may ask:

why is my computer so slow now?

Why is my MAC so slow all of a sudden?

Over time, you may begin to notice that your computer is running slow, why? At times, it could indicate computer hardware failure, which a computer hardware diagnostic would indicate. More often it’s a matter of clutter accumulating over time. These files require cleaning and care, for example: temp file cleaning, junk file cleaning, log file cleaning, and more.

How to Use CCleaner

Fortunately, there are easy and very straightforward methods that you can do for free to clean your computer or clean your mac. We’d love to show you how to How to Use CCleaner to Clean Your Computer. In the following video, we’ll cleaning a Windows computer using CCleaner. If you’re a Mac / Apple user, this same procedure can be used for your computer, and soon we should be releasing a mac specific video… stay tuned!

CCleaner, which is free for personal use, is great for computer maintenance. It is a temp file cleaner and junk file cleaner, but as a bonus can also clean other locations as well that clutter tends to accumulate.

Links to CCleaner website:

Watch the following video for easy to follow steps you can do – completely for free – to help keep your computer running at it’s best!

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