Replace Comcast Modem with my own

My Thompson RCA DCM425 Modem - Replace Comcast Modem with My Own

Computer Repair Sacramento CA blog how to replace Comcast Modem with my own.

I recently signed up for Comcast Internet and discovered they increased the cable modem rental from about 1.50 to 7.99 per month!

3/14/2020 Update: Some sources list a much higher rental rate: Comcast Brings Back “Free” Unlimited Data, If You Rent Their $15 Hardware

A Comcast approved cable modem can be bought outright very reasonably. If you switch out a rental with one you own, even if you have to replace it yearly – which is unlikely, you would likely save money!

Comcast Rental Modem - Replace Comcast Modem with My Own

Buying the Right Modem to Replace your Comcast Modem

The first step is to make sure the modem you are considering is Comcast approved, here is a link to their approved modem list here Comcast Approved Modems.

I do NOT recommend purchasing a used modem. They go for 15-30 dollars, but not all work well and I’ve heard that some may be marked lost or stolen in Comcast’s database, making them unusable. Why take a chance for a few dollars?

I bought a RCA Thompson DCM425 on Amazon, but there are many others available too.

Unpacking and Replacing your Own Modem

You may see online guides saying to connect your modem and use a webpage to activate it on your Comcast account, but I have found the easiest and most foolproof way is to call Comcast and work with a technician to ensure it’s activated and working correctly.

Comcast Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-266-2278

Step by step guide to replace Comcast modem:

  1. Navigate menu system to speak with Internet technical support
  2. Say: “I’m replacing Comcast’s modem with my own, but I have not yet plugged it in yet”
  3. Give the tech the Modem’s MAC address, a unique device ID listed on your new modem
  4. Continue working with the technician to connect the modem and activate it on your account
  5. Don’t hang up until you have tested Internet functionality

Congratulations, that wasn’t difficult! Here is my modem, up and running:

My Thompson RCA DCM425 Modem - Replace Comcast Modem with My Own

Return Comcast Modem to Comcast Service Center

Comcast Store Locator to find a nearby location: Comcast Store Locator

When you return the modem, tell them you bought and activated your own modem and no longer need to rent one. Be sure to have your account number and get a receipt for the modems return. Also, check future bills to be sure you are no longer being charged a modem rental or lease and call Comcast promptly if it still appears.

Within months, you will likely have broken even and after that you are saving money each month when you chose to replace Comcast Modem with my own.

Need help with your internet service? If so, feel free to contact us at Computer Repair Sacramento!

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