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Computer Repair Sacramento CA – Jonathan Warner Knowledge Base: Using ImageX to mount and unmount Windows Imaging Files.

The ImageX tool, also known as Windows Imaging, is a Microsoft provided imaging tool. ImageX uses Windows Image files with the .wim extension. The following Windows versions support image mounting: Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8. Mounting a .wim file requires that the Windows Imaging File System Filter be installed on your computer. This is installed automatically with Windows AIK.

Windows image files can be mounted and then simple file operations can be performed on the mounted files and folders. This functionality differs significantly from other imaging software and files in which editing is not readily possible.

Mounting Windows Image File with Readonly Permissions

First, create an empty folder to mount the image to. I suggest you do so on the root of your system drive so that the file path is kept as short as possible.

imagex /mount <path_to_image_file> <image_number> <mount_folder>

for example:

imagex /mount c:\image.wim 2 c:\mount

Mounting Windows Image File with Read and Write Permissions

imagex /mountrw <path_to_image_file> <image_number> <mount_folder>

for example:

imagex /mountrw c:\image.wim 2 c:\mount

Viewing Contents of Windows Image File

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your mount folder

Unmounting Windows Image File Discarding Changes

imagex /unmount <mount_folder>

for example:

imagex /unmount c:\mount

Unmounting Windows Image File Saving Changes

You must have opened the image in read write mode to be able to make and save changes. Here is the command:

imagex /unmount /commit <mount_folder>

for example:

imagex /unmount /commit c:\mount

Those are the basic commands to work with a windows image file.

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