Set Up New Computer Orangevale CA

Time to replace your computer? We would be happy to help set up new computer Orangevale CA!

When it comes time to set up a new computer, unpacking and putting the new hardware in place is usually fairly straightforward. Oftentimes, the more difficult task in setting up the new computer is to transfer your data and settings to a new computer.

New Computer Set Up in Orangevale CA

After using the same computer for perhaps years, there is the transfer of data and files, but there is also the matter of moving your settings, for example Internet favorites, your programs, like Microsoft Office, and customized program settings, such as your email configuration.

Thankfully, we’re available to help. We use a two-step process to transfer data to a new computer. First, we have extensive experience in manually moving data over. We regularly call on this experience to set up new computers.

However, I typically use specialized software to quickly and thoroughly move all your data and settings to your new computer. With both available, we have an excellent track record of moving data and satisfied customers.

Would you like a hand when you set up your new computer in Orangevale? Ha Contact Jonathan for help with Computer Repair Orangevale CA today!

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