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Computer Repair Sacramento CA - Jonathan Warner Knowledge Base: How to troubleshoot and fix C_SpUrsDll Not Found error and C_PsdRsDll Not Found error messages.

C_PsdRsDll Not Found Error

The PSD Shell Extension - Resource file not found! error message is related to the Infineon TPM Software (Trusted Platform Module) and can affect all recent versions of Windows, so you may get c_psdrsdll not found XP, c_psdrsdll not found Vista, or c_psdrsdll not found Windows 7; however, this does seem to primarily occur with HP computers and laptops, so regardless of the Windows version, it's most likely going to be c_psdrsdll not found HP computer, but I do know that it can happen with an MPC laptop also. The error would occur when Windows starts up and until the OK button on the error message was clicked, the computer would lock up. One solution would be to repair or uninstall and reinstall the TPM software, but since it's just

C_SpUrsDll Not Found Error – C_PsdRsDll Not Found Error